Meet the Lads



Co-Founder Freólsdom is a internet-nobody currently residing in the bogan controlled lands of Adelaide’s south. Getting into the game around 13/14 years, old he has since tried to involve himself with what little movement his home country has. Most of his time is spent floating around the Internet, playing video games and shitposting on boards. Triggers include: Communism, Socialism, ABC, Labor, Liberal, Alt Right, Retarded Statements and the French.


BlackBear14 was born a lover of freedom but was first exposed to the ideas of liberty by shit posts on internet forums. By some miracle he didn’t run for the hills and embrace statism but rather found it refreshing and enlightening. Half a decade later he decided to get serious and start building his knowledge base and understanding with the hope of contributing in some meaningful way. His stomping ground ranges from Sydney to Newcastle but during waking hours he can be found online. When he’s not wasting his life playing games he can be found doing mildly productive things like reading about economics, history and education.



Co-Founder Inachodladh is a Y-list celebretarian and has been into this shit since he was like 12 or something. He has been involved in many circles on the left, the right, and everything in between, attempting to understand the thinking of all so he might more succinctly poop on it. He also has a Youtube channel of the same name.


Danger Nixon is a grown man who plays with Legos somewhere on the East Coast of America. He’s the gang’s editor, and commonly gets salty about commas and Wikipedia links. He enjoys complaining about feminism, pen-and-paper RPGs and old Godzilla movies. You should add him on Facebook if and only if your name is Jayson Wade Herrmann.


Reginald Livingston is a 29 year old man who lives in the northwest region of the United States working as part of the upper management of a factory (yes a real factory, it makes plastic parts for treadmills and various other things). He likes discussing economics and political theory as well as ancient to medieval economic/political history in the west. He often differs from other ancaps in his emphasis on exploitable beliefs held by the public being the ultimate cause of the State as opposed to an emphasis on morality. He dislikes convoluted and ignorant mutualist/communist theories but thinks they are well-intentioned nonetheless. He likes Menger and who wouldn’t; he was a snappy dresser with an awesome beard. In his free time he enjoys playing turn-based strategy games or any other game with complex systems to analyze.