Yes Cunts, Minimum Wage in Australia is Shit

My personal interest in politics and government policy was kick-started several years ago after learning about how the minimum wage prices low-skilled and new entrants out of the work force.  After 3 years and several hundred résumé applications, it was clear to me that there simply were not enough jobs available for all the people seeking employment.  While there are a constellation of factors affecting job availability in any given location, it is fair to say the minimum wage plays a very significant role in restricting the amount of employees a business can afford and therefore chooses to hire.


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A Song of Ice and Riots: Tales from Australia’s Collective Tumor

The last month here in the great Land Down Under has not exactly been the most pleasant one. For one, the senate recently passed new data retention laws, which now means that ISPs are legally required to hold on to metadata for up to two years, coming as no surprise, since Labor has had similar legislation previously, legislation which I have only heard discussed in political and IT circles for its ramifications on civil liberties being flushed down the loo. You’d think there would be more concern than there is. However, it seems concern lies more with insularity bullshit than anything else.


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