A Song of Ice and Riots: Tales from Australia’s Collective Tumor

The last month here in the great Land Down Under has not exactly been the most pleasant one. For one, the senate recently passed new data retention laws, which now means that ISPs are legally required to hold on to metadata for up to two years, coming as no surprise, since Labor has had similar legislation previously, legislation which I have only heard discussed in political and IT circles for its ramifications on civil liberties being flushed down the loo. You’d think there would be more concern than there is. However, it seems concern lies more with insularity bullshit than anything else.


So a group calling itself “Reclaim Australia” recently yelled and screamed its way into headlines by organizing anti-Islamic protests in all major capital cities and causing a knee-jerk reaction among many angsty uni socialists. It’s about as cringeworthy as you’d imagine: there was even one individual here In my home town dressed as a giant Vegemite jar for that real nationalist spirit. Ostensibly, the protests were against halal ‘tax’, Sharia law and what they deem to be “Islamisation” of Australia. However, I don’t think that’s completely the case. Sentiments about Islam shared by them are not uncommon to hear by any semi-educated Westerner. Even people who have been deemed center-left I have heard similar things from. The organizers probably have tried to capitalize on those sentiments, instead of being full-on with their ideology, with the realization that we obviously live in a very politically correct world, even so much as to respond to criticism with “Well we aren’t racist. Islam is a religion!”

It’s been a while in the Western world that we’ve seen nationalism of this type flair up. It reminds me of the troubles existing in Europe just after WWI, where, all around the world, the ideologies conceptualized in the 19th century boiled and became extremely radicalized. The nationality/race/religion question in particular is rearing it’s head back into general dialogue. While the left has embraced a more post-structuralist, un-egalitarian and overall utterly inconsistent view of question at hand, the nationalists have now got people they consider enemies right in their own countries. Eventually the question is going to reach a boiling point, with economic conditions of the future looking more and more grim as the stability of the Western world drops as a result of the collective shitting on everything and everyone else.

In other not so wonderful local news, it seems Lord Tones has made himself a new enemy, and that enemy’s name is crystal methamphetamine.


“I am determined that right around our country we will take every possible step to combat this dreadful, dreadful scourge.”

He then goes on to say why it is destroying communities and how crime is increasing because of it. You know, I don’t exactly know why it is that pollies always bring up the drug trade as some great societal ill that is destroying these helpless saps when you know they are the ones tearing up the communities and simultaneously creating the helpless class of people who can’t get a job and live in government housing. My fingers are crossed in hopes that the LNP doesn’t go all DEA on us and decide to bring out the mobile transports patrolling the streets of West Sydney. If we get right down to it, what exactly does the average Australian gain out of all this nonsense? More experimental drugs in the more ghetto areas? Frankly, the process of simply getting marijuana here legalized is enough of a chore. Even now I’m hearing of ways the American legalization of marijuana is destroying the cartel trade. So why exactly has this dialogue passed us by?


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